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Welcome to Room 19's Blog for 2016. We are a Year 1 class at Pt England School, set in beautiful Point England, Auckland, New Zealand. This year we will be learning reading, writing and maths all on our iPads. Make sure you keep checking in with us and see how we are progressing throughout the year. We will be sharing as much as possible and look forward to reading your wonderful comments!

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Writing on the iPads

Some learners in Class 20 used the iPad to create a story.  This was an 'extra' activity and they had a free choice about what to write about.

by Bradley

by Oalii

by Rae Jae

Monday, 15 September 2014

Making a healthy snack

As part of our "Game On" integrated unit, today we created a healthy snack.  Last week we brainstormed why we needed to eat healthy foods and what we could make.  Today we made fruit kebabs (and Class 20 got to eat them when they had made them!)

Check out some images from our session today!  We look forward to adding more detail to our Class blog over the next few days as we continue to discuss and write about what we did today!


Cross Country ... the event!

After weeks of training, Class 20, along with the rest of Pt England School participated in the Cross Country on Thursday afternoon.  The weather was beautiful for running and all our learners did amazingly well, trying really hard and completing the whole course.

Congratulations to Nature for finishing first in the Year 1 girls race, and to Kahurangi and Siakupega for placing in the top 5 in the boys race!  It was a fun afternoon and the whole class has trained really hard for the event!

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Te Rakau sticks with Whaea Saff

Class 20 had an amazing Maori session with Whaea Saff on Friday, when she came with Te Rakau sticks.  We had been learning the waiata over the previous few sessions and today it was a chance to work with the Te Rakau.

Whaea Saff taught us two different ways to play and the learners were able to choose from these while singing the waiata.  Check out Class 20 having fun with Te Rakau in this video:

Friday, 5 September 2014

Block magic

Kristopher and Julianna were really keen to share their block creations today.  They spent a long time creating something that was very long and very tall.  This fits nicely with the measuring we've been doing in Class 20 this week.

Check out how tall Kristopher's creation is:

Check out how long Julianna's creation is:

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Spring Flowers

Class 20 are enjoying talking about the flowers they are seeing now that Spring has arrived.  Today we wrote about the wonderful flowers in this picture:

I like to grow the flowers in the garden.  - Luisa

I can see some daffodil flowers and the flower is colourful and the daffodil is pretty and the daffodil is colourful like a rainbow.  - Nature

The flowers are like rainbows for us to see. - Arkar

I saw some colourful flowers in my garden.  - Tipene

Monday, 1 September 2014

Wet lunchtime creations

Its the first day of spring, but unfortunately the weather hasn't quite caught up.  Due to the rain, Class 20 spent lunchtime inside, making some creations with the blocks.

We have created a farm.  We worked together to make a farm.  "I saw Nature was working on it by herself so I came and helped her."   It was fun working together.
- Nature, Julianna & Oalii

We have made cars.  We changed our cars so they could go faster.
- Bradley & Rae Jae