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Welcome to Room 19's Blog for 2016. We are a Year 1 class at Pt England School, set in beautiful Point England, Auckland, New Zealand. This year we will be learning reading, writing and maths all on our iPads. Make sure you keep checking in with us and see how we are progressing throughout the year. We will be sharing as much as possible and look forward to reading your wonderful comments!

Friday, 28 November 2014

Wacky Hair Day

Today is mufti day and wacky hair day.  Class 20 look different today!  Check out our hair today!

Julianna's wonderful wacky hair won a prize at assembly today!

We are a little worried as to where Mrs Belt is today ... as this strange person turned up in her place!

Wednesday, 26 November 2014


 I am a champion  at doing my best at art attack . I can draw a princess that is very pretty. By Oalii

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Counting Down to Christmas

With just one month until the big day,  today we were writing about Christmas.  Here are some of the amazing stories our class wrote today:

I can't wait for Christmas because Santa gives us presents.  I want my present to be a teddy bear from Santa.
- Julianna

- Arkar

I am looking forward to Christmas and Santa is going to bring some presents under the tree.  I am excited to see Christmas and I love Santa.
- Central

I can't wait to get a present.  I love Christmas.  I've been waiting for Christmas.  I am going to make a card for Santa.  I am going to put cookies and milk out because he has to have some breakfast before he puts the presents under the tree.
- Oalii

- Deborah

I like Santa because he is putting the rainbow decorations on the tree.  Santa is coming to my house.  I can't wait to get my present.
- Bradley

I can't wait for Christmas.  I like Santa because he gives us presents.
- Troy

- Luisa

I like Christmas because my family is going to be having a spikey Christmas tree.  I can't wait for Christmas because it is in one month.
- Hector

- Rae Jae

Friday, 21 November 2014

Kahurangi at the Park

I like to go to the park and I got to have a little play. When I was playing I saw some monkey bars.

Frozen by Oalii

Once upon a  time my favourite princess on Frozen was Princess Ana. When her sister threw her powers at Princess Anna, she gets sick.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

The Beach by Kahurangi

I just want to go to the beach to play with my friends and we love to have a ball so we can play ball tag.

Monday, 17 November 2014

Animating our Athletics Day experiences

Today the learners in Class 20 used ScratchJr to create an animation of their favourite event from athletics day last Friday!  Some of the learners in the class shared their creations using the Apple TV. We were lucky to have the learners from Class 12 visit us earlier this month and show us some of the amazing ways that we can use ScratchJr.  ScratchJr allows us to create objects and characters and make these creations move using simple commands in a jigsaw like formation.

Check out this example created by one of our learners during our session today!  His favourite activities were the sprints and throwing events and he created two projects to show this.

NB:  There is no sound on this animation

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Kahurangi presents...

Yesterday we went to Sylvia park to  watch our movies on the  big screen. I went on the stage with Oalii and we presented our movie. By Kahurangi

Film festival

In the morning Kahurangi and I got to go with the seniors in a big bus to the film festival.  I Iiked going on the big stage with Kahurangi .
 - by Oalii

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Once Upon a Time .... Film Festival Movie!

Most of the learners in Class 20 started school at the beginning of this year and all have made amazing progress on their "learning to read" journey.  We wanted to celebrate and share the importance of reading as part of our Manaiakalani Film Festival movie, while making the story interesting for the audience.

One of our favourite activities in Class 20 is exploring the dress-up box we have, and our movie gave everyone the opportunity to become an actor, and enjoy wearing a costume in front of the camera! All children enjoy a fairy story and we hope you enjoy viewing our movie as much as we enjoyed creating it for you!

Congratulations to ALL the actors and actresses from Class 20 that worked hard on learning lines and getting into character for their big screen debut!  Ms George and Mrs Belt are extremely proud of the enthusiasm and attitude of all our stars!

Fairy Tales may well exist .... Once Upon a Time ....

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Welcome Troy

Today we welcomed Troy to Pt England School and Class 20! It will be a great start for Troy as he will join us on the trip to the Film Festival on just his second day at his new school.

 Here is Troy drinking his milk with his new friends from Class 20.

iPad Safety ... our PENN movie for the term!

Class 20 has had the privilege of being an iPad pilot class this year!  We've decided to carry this aviation theme into our PENN movie for the term and have created an iPad safety video to assist learners on their 1:1 device journey in 2015.  We encourage you to sit back, relax, and pay close attention to this message.

Monday, 10 November 2014

Reinforcing our Assembly Kōrero

Before morning tea and lunch today we talked about our assembly kōrero from last week and what sort of things were the 'right choice'.  Class 20 even made some actions to help remind us about this important message.

The kōrero for the week was:

Stop   -     Think    -    Make the Right Choice!

We talked about how we could remember this when we were on the playground.  One of our learners suggested that the red traffic light means STOP!   We thought about how we could use art to remind us about this message and we have created an Explain Everything to represent the three parts of the kōrero.  Some learners decided to divide their page into three pieces, while others combined all parts into one illustration.

Check out a selection of our class's art works:





Our very short movie shows the actions that Class 20 are using to remember this important kōrero:

Sharing our fireworks experiences

The learners in Class 20 were keen to share their fireworks experiences.  We spent several days writing stories about what we did, and created some great art works on the iPads by using a black background as a starting point.  Here are some examples of our work:

Be safe when you do your fireworks, even with the Mums and Dads be safe too!
- Oalii


I like the colourful fireworks and the rockets and the sparklers.
- Casshius

I like fireworks because they are going up in the sky.
- Luisa


I like to go with my family because it is fun to see the fireworks and Guy Fawkes tonight.
- Central

I like fireworks and sparklers and I come with my Mum and Dad to get the fireworks and sparklers.
- Deborah


Today is Guy Fawkes day and we can light up some fireworks.  But you can't light them up, only an adult can light them up.
- Kahurangi


Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Learning from others in the school

Today Class 20 were extremely lucky to have some of the wonderful learners from Class 12 come and share their learning with us.

We were able to buddy up two Class 20 learners with one expert from Class 12 to teach us and guide us as we created some amazing animations.  All our learners created their own images (rather than using the clipart which comes with the program) and added animation using the easy-to-use jigsaw pieces to choose a direction of movement.

It was amazing to see the engagement of all learners and how they so enjoyed learning from their older peers who were both extremely knowledgeable and patient with us!

Thank you Class 12 - we couldn't stop talking about our morning and can't wait to practise all the things you have shared with us!